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Electrical installation condition reports


What are Electrical Installation Condition Reports

Electrical installation condition reports or E.I.C.R's is the detailed electrical testing and analysis of your home or business. 

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Why Get An E.I.C.R?

Carrying out an E.I.C.R highlights any potential issues with your electrical installation. That could be something that doesn't meet current regulations or that could be potentially be dangerous.

Buying A Home

If you are in the process of buying a home we would recommend that it is of the upmost importance to get an E.I.C.R done. Imagine buying a new home then finding out the extensive electrical work is required for it to be safe. Any Issues highlighted in an E.I.C.R that could result in a cost to the home buyer could be negotiated from the cost of the property.

Why Choose Us

For us the safety of our customers is the most important thing thats why we carry out all our testing in such detail. We make sure that any issue that is unsafe or potentially dangerous is highlighted.

Cost Of E.I.C.R's

We have a fixed price for carrying out an E.I.C.R there are no hidden extras and prices include V.A.T

1 and 2 bedroom properties = £120

3 and 4 bedroom properties = £140

5 and 6 Bedroom properties = £160

Bigger properties or commercial premises would have to be assessed to give an accurate cost.